Things to do in our beautiful region

Welcome to a region that offers a diversity of activities for all tastes and ages. Whether you are a fan of sports, local festivals or gastronomy, you will find something to satisfy your desires here. Let’s take a closer look at what the area has to offer.

Downhill mountain biking campsite Le Coiroux

Sports activities in the Region

Sports enthusiasts will find a variety of activities to keep them entertained in the area:

  • The hiking trails will allow you to explore the natural beauty of the place at your own pace.
  • For golf enthusiasts, there are well-maintained courses that offer a good challenge for all skill levels.
  • You can also enjoy the beaches for a moment of relaxation or indulge in water sports such as paddle boarding on the lake or canoeing on the Dordogne.
  • For thrill seekers, the forest paths offer excellent opportunities for mountain biking.

Local Festivals & Events

The area is also known for its local festivals and events.

The Brive Plage Festival is a popular event that attracts many visitors every year. Other notable events include the Vézère Festival, the Strawberry Festival in Beaulieu, and the Aubazine Goat Fair. These festivals are a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and have a good time.

Festival in Correze, crowd watching the stage at sunset
Brive market

Regional gastronomy

The region is also a favorite spot for foodies.

You can enjoy the festive country markets that take place during the months of July and August.

Don’t miss the Brive market, where you’ll find a wide variety of local gastronomic products.
This is the perfect opportunity to taste the local gastronomy and discover authentic flavours.

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